We Believe

Statement of Faith

Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd, not only laid down His life for His sheep, so that they might be saved, but He continues to feed and nourish them with the bread and water of life, so that they may be sustained in His Word and truth to live with Him eternally. However, He and His apostles found it necessary to warn that wolves would enter into the flock, and men would arise from within the flock itself who would speak perverse things to draw away disciples after them.

The Word Shall Stand

Our Evangelical Lutheran Confession is addressed first of all to God. What we confess and declare in this document we confess in the presence of Almighty God and as before the judgement throne of our Lord Jesus Christ himself. We make this confession confidently believing that what we declare here is nothing new, but is the evident teaching of the Word of God revealed in the Holy Scriptures. God himself requires that we should acknowledge and confess this truth before men (Matthew 10:32-33).

God’s Eternal Word


Translated from the original languages by
C R Priebbenow BA, B Ed, MA (Cantab.)

First printed August 2005

Hard copies are available if preferred – contact enquiries@aelc.org.au.

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